Stages of Sash Window Refurbishment

To make our process clearer we have outlined the major stages of the refurbishment in the steps below –

  • Stage 1
    This bay window contains late Victorian sash windows, which have been neglected and are in a typical state of poor repair. We will need to spend approximately thirty to fourty hours per window to restore them to their former glory.
  • Stage 2
     We remove the sashes from the frames by removing and discarding the sash cords, parting and staff beads. The first and most time-consuming job is to strip off all the old paint with hot air guns. Once this has been done we can then carry out any repairs required to the windows, frames & sills.
  • Stage 3
     It is at this stage we replace any broken panes with new glass. We bear in mind that modern glass is almost always heavier than the original and therefore make note to increase the weight of the counterbalances when we reinstall the windows.
  • Stage 4
     We also strip the paint from the frames as it is usually the buildup of paint between the sashes and frames that prevent smooth running. The windows will be painted with four coats and we apply the 1st coat of primer at this point.
  • Stage 5
     The next stage is very important. We carry out a “dry fit” of the windows as more often than not we come across frames that are not perfectly square due to subsidence and other movement of the house. Therefore the sashes need to be re-shaped to make sure they fit snuggly in the frames.
  • Stage 6
     Next we fit the draft proofing. First we rout a groove into the sashes where they meet the parting bead and where the top rail of the bottom sash where it meets the bottom rail of the top sash. We inlay a plastic carrier into the grooves which is glued and secured with small nails. This is a permanent installation.
  • Stage 7
     We then slide in and secure the draft proofing brush seal, Unlike the plastic carrier this is fitted in a way that makes it easily removed and replaced if required. By this stage the window and frames will have received their first coat of two undercoats.
  • Stage 8
     The windows are re-assembled with new parting and staff beads as well as new top quality sash cords. It is at this stage we make any adjustments required to the weights to ensure perfect counter balance. After this we carry out the final prep and apply the second undercoat.
  • Stage 9
     Here you can see the draft proofing brush seal between the sashes and the parting bead. This window is virtually finished and has received its final top coat inside and out.
  • Stage 10
     Here you can see the draft proofing brush seals between the two meeting rails. This is by far the most important piece required to ensure rattle free, quiet and draft proofed windows.
  • Stage 11
     We finish off by thoroughly cleaning the glass and fitting shiny new window fasteners and security stops. This allows the customer to have the windows ajar without the risk of intruders getting in.
  • Stage 12
     This is the bay windows seen in the first picture of this sequence, having been expertly restored by the use of top quality materials and the skills of our hugely talented team.